Datrium: Server Powered Storage System

Unlike other storage systems on the market today, Datrium’s server powered storage solution splits server-powered speed from appliancebased durable capacity, dramatically simplifying storage performance management while reducing costs. Performance is offloaded to the host, can be isolated to the host, and can scale with commodity SSDs directed by DVX Hyperdriver software. Writes go synchronously to a network attached Datrium storage appliance, the NetShelf, where data is kept durable, allowing servers to be stateless for easier host administration. With Datrium, storage is agile and simple to operate as VMs, providing radical improvements in price/performance.


Faster Software Development and Test
• Eliminates SAN read queuing delays
• Dedupe: more versions per TB stored
• NetShelf optimized for sequential IO

Simpler VM Consolidation

• No SAN, LUN, or tier admin, just VM admin
• Manage storage speed with vMotion
• Any commodity x86, including blades

Lower-Cost & Fast Virtual Desktops

• Instant, zero-copy desktop cloning
• Rapid provisioning with minimal overhead
• vSphere operators need no SAN training



DVX DiESL 1.0 Hyperdriver Software
• Packaged as vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB)
• Presents datastore as local NFS
• Strong neighbor noise isolation
• End-to-end deduplication & compression
• VAAI per-VM zero-copy clone offload
• Variable cache & cores use per server
• Up to 30,000 32KB IOPS per host

DVX NetShelf D12X4 Capacity Appliance
• 29 TB useable, 60-180 TB effective
• 10Gb Ethernet attached
• No single-point-of-failure (SPOF)
• Active/Standby dual controller HA
• Mirrored NVRAM for fast persistent writes
• RAID 6 + spare (directed by Hyperdrivers)
• Includes unlimited-host Hyperdriver license
• Up to 800 MB/sec. IO bandwidth

End-to-End Design and Management
• NetShelf coordinates, simplifies management
• vCenter plugin user interface
• Per-VM telemetry, from guest to NetShelf
• Per-VM data management & VAAI cloning