Personalized Solutions

Our emphasis is on finding solutions for your business by:

  • Improving your technology reliability and availability of technology resources.
  • Reducing maintenance and troubleshooting due to proper planning, procurement, design and project management

Storage Solutions

SDS understands your business challenges and provides real-world solutions to them with cutting edge technology along with a flexible foundation for your storage needs. Our storage offerings feature traits of resilience, flexibility, and scalability and help you manage issues such as planned downtime, outages, and data loss.

Implementing a storage solution is a big decision. Our team members can help you realize the benefits of your storage -- from vastly simplifying your storage administration, to allowing you to grow and change your environment with as little effort or interruption as possble.

Backup Solutions

SDS will provide you with backup solutions that will work best for your company. Backing up your server is the single most important thing that you can do to keep your company safe.

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SDS will transform your desktops, servers, storage, networks and applications into workspaces available from anywhere and at anytime. We modernize desktops and applications by moving them into the cloud and delivering them as a managed service. Processes are automated and efficient, security is increased and the total cost of desktop ownership is reduced significantly. Businesses get a rich, consistent, high performance desktop experience whether in the office or on the go.

vir·tu·al·ize [vur-choo-uh-lahyz] verb (used with object), vir·tu·al·ized, vir·tu·al·iz·ing. Digital Technology. 1. to create a virtual version of (a computer, operating system, data storage device, etc.), which is not itself an independent device but both works and appears to the user as a single, physical entity: A virtualized computer server can boost processing power and reduce costs. 2. to store, access, or carry out online or by means of a computer; computerize or digitize: Virtualizing tax forms has made the IRS a more efficient organization.