As we look toward the future we do not hesitate to include other companies that are looking to create and improve data storage and recovery standards and technology that will mutually benefit the industry and our customers.

Our Partners

  • Dell Compellent SAN >

    Dell Compellent is a leading provider of enterprise-class network storage solutions that are highly scalable, feature rich and designed to be easy to use and cost effective. Dell/Compellent's Storage Center is a Storage Area Network (SAN) that is designed to significantly lower storage and infrastructure capital expenditures, reduce the skill level and number of personnel required to manage information and enable continuous data availability and storage virtualization. Dell/Compellent was founded by a team of network storage and virtualization pioneers Phil Soran, John Guider and Larry Aszmann - executives with decades of storage experience and a proven track record for developing innovative storage technologies and successful businesses. Traditional storage vendors promise to reduce the amount of time and money spent on storage, but instead deliver a patchwork of complicated and inefficient point products that are difficult to learn, integrate and manage. By starting from scratch, without the burden of software legacy code and the limitations of a proprietary hardware platform, Dell/Compellent developed an innovative SAN that reduces storage costs, cuts storage administration time, and provides continuous data availability. Today, with over 1,000 end users, a growing international distribution network of channel partners and award-winning recognition as the most innovative SAN on the market, Compellent is poised to continue its rapid ascent in enterprise storage.

  • Dell Servers >

    Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers are built to support the work that IT organizations do. They are engineered 

    to handle the most demanding business applications and designed with specific features to better run 

    workloads like HPC, collaboration, database, ERP, business intelligence and data warehousing.

    As the foundation for a complete, adaptive IT solution, Dell PowerEdge servers deliver dramatic performance 

    and management advantages that more effectively and efficiently power the business applications our 

    customers run most.

    Combined with the innovative OpenManage™ systems management portfolio and industry-leading 

    workload solutions, PowerEdge servers provide technology that is intelligent, yet simple, giving you the 

    power to do more in even the most complex environments.

    Achieve more 

    Increase application performance and availability while gaining scalability.

    Maximize efficiency 

    Use IT to boost productivity and get the most out of every dollar.

    Ensure business continuity 

    Provide secure, continual access to IT services that power your business.

    For more information please visit the Dell Servers Website and contact Strategic Data Storage with any questions.

  • Dell Switches >

    So, what is the Dell Networking N-Series?

    It is a family of energy efficient, cost effective 1 and 10 Gigabit solutions. All models run the same Linux-based operating system which has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a seamless network management and troubleshooting experience for network admins. It’s designed for campus LAN access where employees and devices connect and the N3000 and N4000 can also connect to servers and iSCSI array deployments.

    So what’s the giant leap forward?

    Let’s start with the operating system. Every model in the N-Series runs Dell Networking OS 6 which is engineered on a carrier-grade Linux kernel. This is crucial because now management and troubleshooting is the same across all wired switches in the campus portfolio. And because it’s the same code, it processes the commands identically. It includes brand-new features:

    · Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) – creates active/active loop-free redundancy for exceptional network reliability.

    · Authentication Tiering – allows network admins to tier port authentication methods such as 802.1x, MAC Authentication Bypass, and Captive Portal in priority order so that a single port can provide flexible access and security.

    · Policy Based Routing (PBR) – allows you to forward packets based on assigned criteria beyond destination IP address.

    · Open Flow 1.0 – released in Beta so that our customers can have a first-look opportunity into SDN capabilities in environments outside the data center. In future releases, we will fully test and support OpenFlow 1.3.

    The hardware is all new too. We’ve leveraged brand new silicon with our partner Broadcom – the Helix4 – and the speed and throughput are truly amazing . There are built-in stacking ports on the back of the N2000 and N3000 that use the same cables putting an end to costly stacking modules. All N-Series switches can be stacked 12 high . There are also built-in SFP+ (10Gb) ports on the 1Gb N2000 and N3000 models. The N3000 comes with ready-rails for ultra-fast rack and stack deployments and the N2000 comes with rack ears, perfect for those 2-post wiring closets, IDFs, or MDFs. The N3000 also comes with an option for built-in redundant power supplies .

    This doesn’t sound like PowerConnect

    PowerConnect is now our legacy platform. N-Series replaces the 5500, 6200, 7000, and 8100 series products. In the past, each PowerConnect switch was designed to take advantage of market opportunities at the time and design was done independently of other Dell Networking offerings. This created multiple OS platforms, multiple versions of firmware, and multiple ways of managing and controlling the network. This caused a headache for network admins if they purchased a multi-product campus solution from Dell. Those days are now gone and design of LAN access switches is done holistically. Plus, N-Series switches have been thoughtfully engineered, stressed, and tested so the quality of each switch is not in question and interoperability affirmed.

    For more information please visit the Dell Switches Website and contact Strategic Data Storage with further questions.

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Partners in Technology

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