Today's successful businesses are more dependent on their IT systems than ever. Technology allows you to be more productive, efficient and successful. However, escalating costs, high staff turnover, security concerns and ever increasing complexity can make managing your IT systems a daunting and time-consuming task. SDS wants to be your support, your back-up, your solution! SDS provides an analysis of your current technology. Based on the analysis, we offer a proposal with options to improve upon what you have and allow you to grow in the future. SDS is:

  1. Detail oriented, we give serious attention to detail.
  2. Known for doing things the right way.
  3. Proactive with maintenance, support and preventative strategies.
  4. Dedicated to staying until the job is done which is when the customer says the job is done.
  5. Only a notification away.
  6. Your disaster preparedness/avoidance expert.
  7. The one to call for planned proper shutdowns.
  8. There to assist and restart to make sure everything comes back up properly.
  9. There for health checks before and after outage events.
  10. Your ongoing monitoring and SAN administrator.
  11. A hosted Disaster Recovery Site.

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